¡We believe in early childhood as the engine of development and peacebuilding!

We are an alliance of collective impact that works with a diversity of actors to guarantee the present of the boys and girls of Colombia.
In 2011 we started Primero lo Primero wanting to bring together the efforts of those who work for early childhood in the country. We know that change is possible working together, therefore, we bet on collective impact from the power of diversity, mobilizing actors, communities, resources and institutions to achieve an unprecedented transformation.

¿What is collective impact?

It is a mechanism that seeks to unify the efforts of those actors who have worked hard for Early Childhood in our country, because although much progress has been made, we know that through individual efforts it will be very difficult to transform things as a whole.

Monitoreo y evaluación

Monitoring and evaluation system

Cambio sistemático

20-year systemic change

Recursos para niños

Shared resources

Our Allies

Primero lo Primero is constituted by the summation of the efforts of our allies that with their structure makes the operation more relevant in the Colombian territory.

Aeiotu Carulla

Es una empresa social que brinda atención integral a más de 15.000 niños y niñas de 0 a 5 años, a través de los diferentes jardines que tienen en operación a nivel nacional.

It is a social enterprise that provides comprehensive care to more than 15,000 boys and girls from 0 to 5 years old, through the different gardens that they have in operation nationwide.

It is a foundation focused on supporting education in Colombia. It contributes to the quality challenges of the educational infrastructure, teaching and innovation processes facing education in the country and in Latin America.

Es una fundación enfocada en apoyar la educación en Colombia. Contribuye a los desafíos de calidad de la infraestructura educativa, de la docencia y de los procesos de innovación que enfrenta la educación en el país y en Latinoamérica.

It is an organization that seeks to generate an impact on society from childhood, reducing school dropout rates through support with teachers, families and educational institutions.

Es una organización que busca generar un impacto en la sociedad desde la niñez, reduciendo las tasas de deserción escolar a través de un acompañamiento con maestros, familias e instituciones educativas.

Es una fundación comprometida con el bienestar de las personas partiendo de la educación, el desarrollo territorial, la salud y el medio ambiente.

It is a foundation committed to the well-being of people based on education, territorial development, health and the environment.

This is our manifesto

desarrollo integral de los niños

Comprehensive early childhood development in Colombia must be assumed as a right and not as a privilege.

Igualdad para los niños

We dream of comprehensive care in Colombia that has the highest possible quality standards.

We dream of a country in which boys and girls have equal access to initial education in every corner of our territory.

Educación formal

We dream of a formal education that has the ability to facilitate the transition from initial education and strengthens knowledge for decision-making that will guide our country in the future.

Calidad de vida de los niños

We dream of territories that prioritize Early Childhood and ensure the improvement of the quality of life for them and their surroundings.

Construcción de paz

Hoy Primero lo Primero bets you to imagine a country where all this is reality. A country where Early Childhood through collective leadership is the engine that leads us to inclusion, to closing gaps and building peace.

impacto colectivo

We know that we will not achieve change alone, that is why we bet on the collective impact from the power of diversity. We will mobilize actors, communities, resources and institutions to achieve an unprecedented transformation in Latin America.

Because in Primero lo Primero we will not rest until Colombia is that country that defends and protects Early Childhood.

We believe that it is possible to have the country we dream of, because today the important thing is urgent

Our team

We invite you to meet each of the members of Primero lo Primero, a multidisciplinary team that focuses its efforts on achieving an impact on Early Childhood from all angles.