We change the future of children with the Pies Descalzos Foundation

An organization that works towards education in Colombia. They contribute to school infrastructure, teaching improvement and the search for effective learning practices that better education in our country and Latin America. With over 15 years of experience focused on public education, and since its creation in 1977, Fundación Pies Descalzos has the purpose of creating ideal spaces for education and supporting teachers in the development of better pedagogical practices that allow boys and girls to reach their educational goals, advance their life projects and this way, generate advancement in their communities.

As an ally to Primero lo Primero, the foundation bets on early childhood education, exploring institutional actions and effective practices that ensure coherent and high quality transitions for boys and girls from their early education to their entry to the first stages of formal education.


At Pies Descalzos, we know that education is a path to change, evolution and transformation that demands commitment, participation and contribution of all our society so children can go to school to learn.

2 Schools

30 Teachers

739 Students

Our projects in different regions


Trabajamos con las comunidades de Eduardo Santos – La Playa para fortalecer la infraestructura educativa, y de esta manera garantizar la cobertura y el acceso de los niños y niñas.


Impactamos las comunidades de Lomas del Peyé con el fin de promover el acceso y la cobertura educativa de la primera infancia.

Niños de Tumaco


Junto con los actores más importantes del territorio y el apoyo de la comunidad, implementamos diferentes acciones para lograr que los niños y niñas tengan acceso y cobertura a la educación.