Alliance with the Santo Domingo Foundation

A non-profit organization that for 60 years has worked to improve the quality of life of Colombians and promote equity in our country. In alliance with public and private organizations, Fundación Santo Domingo leads projects in essential issues, such as: education, environment, health, and territorial development. This last one, focused on Colombia’s Caribbean region. The foundation aims to become a leader in the social sector, influencing public policies and articulating efforts for the sustainable development of Barranquilla, Cartagena, Barú, and ultimately, the whole country.

Fundación Santo Domingo intends to guarantee a high quality, inclusive, and pertinent education, from early childhood to the productive age. As part of Primero lo Primero, the foundation has a long-term commitment to transforming capacities, involvement and responsibility of different agents for the improvement of quality of life in early childhood. The dedication to these goals, and the contribution the foundation makes with this purpose in mind, are essential in closing poverty and inequity gaps.

Social dynamics

Capacity building, transformation of popular consciousness and provision of communal tools to protect and care for boys and girls.

Socioeconomic context

Offering opportunities that improve conditions for families on an economic and social level, in order to better the conditions for the development of boys and girls.


Not only the construction of infrastructure, but the creation of urban spaces that consider childhood and provide ideal scenarios for it to bloom.

Our projects in different regions


Promovemos el desarrollo territorial y comunitario de Villas de San Pablo, donde centramos nuestros esfuerzos en la infraestructura, la cobertura y el acceso escolar de los niños y niñas.


Trabajamos fortaleciendo la infraestructura, el acceso y la cobertura escolar para garantizar el desarrollo de las comunidades en Ciudad del Bicentenario.