United Way against school dropouts

United Way Colombia is born in 2020, through the merger of Fundación Génesis and Fundación Dividendo por Colombia, social organizations with over 18 years of history in our country, working to eradicate school desertion and improve the quality of education. They now join forces and use their shared expertise to guarantee better education for children and keep them in school, securing for them an education based on their needs, by focusing on work with educators and innovation.

As allies of Primero lo Primero, United Way Colombia intends to consolidate a Quality and Innovation Network that allows for the development of 21st century skills among education agents. In turn, they approach the advancement of social-emotional skills with their La Vuelta al Mundo program, and they connect innovation processes with the dynamics of each ecosystem that they provide with methods for mobilization.


With this collective impact initiative, we are improving educational quality in 19 early childhood education settings, which in turn have an impact on improving educational practices in another 887 pedagogical spaces. We are reaching 18,834 children and 17,778 families. In turn, we have strengthened the pedagogical practice of 1,366 teachers.

15.273 Teachers

214.914 Students

30 Territories

Our projects in different regions


Trabajamos a través del programa La Vuelta al Mundo para fortalecer el continuo educativo de la ciudad.


¡Creemos que la innovación educativa es fundamental para el desarrollo de los niños y niñas! Por eso estamos construyendo un centro de desarrollo infantil con los más altos estándares de excelencia en Pasacaballos.

Niños de Tumaco


Con el fin de garantizar la excelencia docente para la innovación educativa, trabajamos y apoyamos el proceso de la Red de Innovación con Primero lo Primero.


Trabajamos para promover el continuo educativo a través de estrategias que nos permitan fortalecer las instituciones y alcanzar la excelencia docente el Lusitania.

Niños de Tumaco


Desarrollamos un proyecto llamado Semillas de Apego donde investigamos la crianza positiva y el apego para cerrar los ciclos de violencia en Tumaco.