Collective impact: ¡Together for Early Childhood!

We understand Collective Impact as a culture of collaborative work, articulated, and diverse, with a shared vision.
Today, we work together for the most important thing: early childhood. Because today, what is important is also urgent.

An innovative strategy

This working model was introduced almost a decade ago and implemented with the intention of unifying the efforts of different public, private, local, national, and international agents, to face the social challenges encountered.

In Colombia, Primero lo Primero is an alliance pioneering the idea of collective impact, directing its efforts on closing gaps and promoting social development by transforming the conditions of early childhood.

Individuality has gotten us far, but collective leadership and collaborative work will allow us to achieve a meaningful impact.

Our impact

Collective impact is the working mechanism we implemented along with our allies to change the system, improve boys and girls lives in early childhood, and in doing so, reduce poverty rates and inequity in our country.

Systemic change

We work closely with the most relevant decision makers in the system, through a decentralized approach built and developed by each territory, aiming for a nationwide impact.


We have a shared assessment and evaluation system that allows us to find the necessary evidence for every innovation process.

Mobilization strategy

We have a strategy focused on Communication for Development that promotes a transformation of popular consciousness, behavioral change, and awareness, and spreads a call to action for our society.


Understanding the Collective as a joint responsibility between agents, we mobilize private, public and international resources along with our own. This guarantees our sustainability and allows for a greater impact.

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