Research leads to better quality of life for children en la niñez

Primero lo Primero believes that knowledge is a driving force for systemic change. Therefore we incorporate research methods that provide a better understanding and lead us to improve quality management through evidence.

Early childhood

Therefore, in Primero lo Primero we consider that the most important thing is to generate knowledge to influence the most relevant decision makers in the public and private sectors, and in this way to be able to consolidate quality standards in education, nutrition and well-being of children and girls from Colombia. & nbsp; Because today the important thing is urgent.

The importance of investing in the first years of life brings with time much higher investment returns, which have been proven in several studies. Guaranteeing a boy or a girl an adequate development during those years, will bring in the future multiple benefits that society will be able to recognize and value.



Our research has allowed us to positively impact early childhood in Colombia, achieving:

5 Impacted territories

13 Demonstrative Educational Centers and Institutions

13 Child Development Centers and Educational Institutions built

12.000m Millions of resources leveraged per year

150.000 Children directly impacted