At Primero lo Primero we have the goal of mobilizing the country we dream of, one that protects and promotes the development of early childhood. To achieve this, we need an exercise in joint responsibility with citizens and our civil society. This must be the collective effort of different agents, because we are certain that working together we can guarantee a sustainable transformation and close gaps in Colombia.

We develop awareness campaigns and strategies that highlight different issues, situations or realities in early childhood. We want the information about what goes on in early childhood in Colombia to be public and open to its citizens. We believe that an informed citizenry can make better decisions, not just for the upbringing of their children, but in regards to processes within the democratic system in their communities, cities, and country.


Furthermore, we see the need to achieve social and cultural transformations in the context of care and protection in early childhood. We have an duty to change narratives and behaviors that allow us to break the cycles of violence, the gender gap, and development gaps. For this reason, we will make constant calls to action so our citizens and civil society feel empowered to become leaders and overseers of rights and development in early childhood in Colombia.

We want citizens to be informed of decisions made and resources invested in early childhood by our government.


Our research has allowed us to positively impact early childhood in Colombia, achieving:

+ 2 million Of people reached on average per month.

+ than 500 Participants in our talks and live workshops.

+ than 5,391 Downloads of our content.

8’523.313 Social media impressions

Our Campaigns